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Train of Broken Light
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This debut film from photographer Martin Twomey retraces the footsteps of a childhood adventure through the landscape of rural Ireland that was the cradle of his imagination.

Production Still 1
Day one on location, August 2011
Camera: Kara Sweeney and
Director: Martin Twomey

Train Of Broken Light takes us back to the summer of 1975, to retrace the journey of six boy scouts who set out alone on a three-day hike, it follows their route in search of what is hidden in the ordinary and to discover what it means to return home. The film explores how experience changes our perceptions of home and how, no matter how often we return to a journey, it can never be the same each time.


Although the idea started as a stills photography project, I quickly knew I really wanted to see it in moving images. Most of my shooting choices were driven by the visual images I wanted but others originated from the script research. That task took me through hundreds of documents and I learned some things I never knew about my own locality. Only a fraction of the research made it to the final script, but often you need to have a deep grasp of the subject just to inform your choices about the phrasing of a single line.

Production Still 2When we got on location we already knew exactly what we wanted, all the pre-production work on the storyboard and shoot schedule paid off then. It always pays to shoot plenty of B-roll and cut-aways as well of course, some of that stuff produced several of my favourite shots, as well as saving my our necks at times in editing.

But the little things really count as well. With long days and a heavy schedule, it was the homemade pack lunches and flasks of tea that kept us going. I know now why they always say feeding the crew is so essential to a smooth production.


Storyboard Image from recon. trip May 2011
Storyboard Image from recon. trip May 2011
Essential Kit!
Essential Kit!


Album cover
…In The Time Of is a rarity to be championed.”
– Earle Hitchner (Irish Echo, New York)

In The Time Of By Edel Sullivan “When I first listened to Edel’s album, I knew straight away that this was the music I wanted on the film. I always felt the music had to have a traditional flavour and be local to Cork, but I really needed it to be able to carry the mood of the film’s narrative. Edel’s work seems to do this beautifully, I was really lucky with this part of the film and I’m immensely grateful to her for coming on board the project”.
Martin Twomey: Director

To listen to the music or buy the album you can visit Edel’s website:


Writer, Producer & Director: Martin Twomey

London based freelance photographer and film maker working in commercial and location photography services to corporate and editorial clients and the performing arts.

Executive Producer: Shazia Mirza

Award winning comedian and writer, a columnist for the Guardian, New Statesman and, she tours in the UK and internationally.

Cinematography & Camera: Kara Sweeney

Graduate in film production in UK who has worked in short film location cinematography and editing in UK, Ireland and Taiwan.

Editor, Associate Producer: Nuzhat Jabinh

Graduate of creative arts with experience in production, editing and sound postproduction work on short films.

Research Assistant, Ireland: Sharon Cronin

Film studies undergraduate at St. John's Central College (Cork) and University of Greenwich (London).

Music: Edel Sullivan

Irish based musician and writer, studied classical violin at the CIT Cork School of Music (Suzuki Method) and Anglia University, Cambridge, U.K.



Martin Twomey
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